kriss russman

Tutor, imz academy lisbon, november 2023

“Caryl Owen was a participant on the IMZ Academy course in Lisbon for multi-camera directing classical music in November 2023. She made a very strong impression on me with her imaginative and thoroughly prepared camera script for Sibelius’s ‘En Saga’ played by the Gulbekian Orchestra in a public concert, which she filmed live. I admired her clear, tenacious but calm directing in the recording gallery, especially when circumstances led to difficulties beyond her control. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a director for future filming projects.”

russell grubiak

lighting designer

“Caryl does a fabulous job directing the unpredictable and always so calm and in control. I’d like to work with her on something else… not an Eisteddfod!” 

kim chapman

multi-camera supervisor

“Caryl is a fantastic multi-cam music director with a background in script supervising. Her calm and collaborative approach makes working with her incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Caryl’s passion and knowledge of music is both infectious and inspiring.”

lowri jones

producer, ser steilio

“I have worked with Caryl for many years in several different capacities so I was pleased to see her join the team for Ser Steilio for the day, stepping in for our director who had other commitments. It was a fairly complicated children’s studio show with a lot going on and Caryl stepped into the director’s chair easily, seamlessly and with no fuss.” 

John hunter

camera operator

“Caryl is the kind of director everyone wants to work with – she’s always calm, cool and decisive when in the hotseat, and her creativity shines through. Improvising or working from script, Caryl is always one or indeed two steps ahead. She can get the best from performers and crews, and is always a pleasure to work with – a brilliant director all round.”

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